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Why Choose Us?

Our Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering was founded in August 1955. Water is one of the essential components so as to sustain all living beings. Due to population growth and economic development as well as global climate change and variability, water scarcity and poor water quality have threatened the quality of human life and environmental sustainability. On the other hand, many severely damaging natural disasters are being caused by uncontrolled water, such as landslide, beach erosion, flooding, and so on. Therefore, water resources management and water environmental protection in ocean, in river and at land have become a critical issue all over the world.

The success of efforts to deal with these water-related problems requires not only good engineering background, but also science-based analysis and humanistic cultivation, all of which have been setup as our teaching objectives. Currently, the Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering recruits 48 Master students, 10 part-time Master students, and 7 Ph.D. students each year.  Our department has been aggressively promoting the academic exchange with the international and Chinese communities. We have actively invited the international scholars to join our teaching or research staff, and promoted the enrollment of international students. On the other hand, we also encourage our professors and students to attend international conference or short courses abroad.